Our projects are focused towards assisting every family within the community to become self-sufficient. The self-sufficiency of this basic unit will reflect the self-sufficiency of the society as a whole.

We can truly hope for a better and brighter tomorrow for our current and future generations.

Visions America C.D.C. is a non-profit organization committed to the development of the community through sustainable projects that can help every family within such community. We are a union of healthcare professionals, engineers, and consultants with experiences in our respective fields. Despite the differences in our expertise, we have come together for a holistic approach in community development.

If you’d like to become a part of our organization and lend your expertise in implementing our sustainable projects, please call us at 443-225-5887.

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Our Vision

Led by a team of professionals, we envision an improved community for our present and future generations.

Our Mission

To pursue sustainable community development projects that improve economical, social, and environmental aspects.