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QUALIFICATION: Education Requirements:
  • Graduation, from acredited school of nursing
Experience Requirement:
  • At least 2 years experience in supervision and administration
  • At least 2 years experience of recent experience in home health management
  • Current unrestricted RN license in Maryland State
  • Current CPR
  • Conduct participant's initial assessment, and identify variables that may affect client's behavior.
  • Develop caregiver service plan on admission based on the client's plan of care and participants assessment and updates it every 60 days or as necessary.
  • Provide training to the caregivers according to the participants need.
  • Conduct caregiver assessment on each caregiver at the initial visit and ongoing
  • Delegate and monitor caretaker tasks.
  • Provide supervision with caregivers present during monthly visit.
  • Perform annual performance evaluation on all licensed nurses and home health aides.
  • Review Medication Administration Report ( MAR)
  • Insure the client and family's involvement in the development of the-plan of care
  • Insure that services needed to facilitate care of the client is being utilied.
  • Insure that there is optimal standard of nursing care has been provided.
  • Make sure that a client family need is responded to appropriately.
  • Give families a chance to voice complaints and respond appropriately to the resolution of the complaint.
  • Assess nursing client interaction and/or client/family interaction.
  • Assess the environment for Safety and cleanliness and make recommendations.
  • Assess infection control practices including proper hand washing.
  • Review the nursing care plan for accuracy, completeness, and makes sure it is regularly updated.
  • Makes sure physician's orders are updated as required and are transcribed properly.
  • Insure that equipment is being maintained properly.
  • Ensure that necessary supplies are available
  • Make sure that emergency protocol is in place.
  • Review the communication book for relevant information and proper documentation.
  • Provide family with the agency phone numbers for questions or concerns.
  • Participate in quality assurance activities.
  • Evaluate staff performance and update skill validation competency as required by the agency.
Other Duties:
  • Insure that adequate staffing or the client is done.
  • Insure that the client and family are informed of any schedule changes.
  • Be available to the staff for private consultation requiring good nursing judgment.
  • Assist the agency manager in maintaining all clinical files on all clients.